What Our
Client’s Say


On a separate note, your updates, communication and follow through have been exceptional and without question are unparalleled against your peers in the market.

Candidate, Senior level for HR Director role 


While I’ve generally been selective in my applications in the past, so I hardly have a comprehensive amount to go by, this is by far the most comprehensive response I have received, and I just wanted to express my thanks at the time taken. It is a credit to your organisation that you do this, given time and cost pressures; thus, I wanted to appreciate that delivering anything other than good news is always hard, but your approach must be commended.

Candidate, GM Sales & Marketing

Thank you for the opportunity to present myself as a candidate to your client. Of course, I am bitterly disappointed at my application not progressing, but I understand that there are candidates with much more current industry experience now. Moving away from banking may prove more difficult than I imagined, and I must say that the position really would have been my dream job. However, not to be on this occasion.

I want to mention how impressed I am with your team. The difference from other recruitment agencies’ approach to applicants and interviewing is extraordinary. The professionalism, the imparting of company information to help candidates understand the organisation with whom they are applying for a position, and the interviewing techniques instil confidence in both candidate and client that the outcome will be beneficial to both. Lyn is an absolute gem; it is so different to be treated with warmth and friendliness.

Candidate, COO Role, Australian Building Products

While I was not successful in securing the position…I would like to thank you for the compassionate way the message was delivered.

Candidate, Business Unit Manager ACT

I wanted to sincerely thank you for taking the time to write to me personally about your selection decision. Whilst I am disappointed, I also understand the process you have undertaken.

I also wanted to give you some feedback and comment.

Whilst I have only been in the employment market since the end of January, I have applied for several roles through recruitment firms. To this date, you are the only person who has actually taken the time and shown such professional courtesy by responding to me personally. This is something that reflects extremely well on you and your business. In the past, I have employed a significant number of staff using various recruitment firms, and I can assure you that when I find a new role, I will be speaking with you to partner with in the future in this regard.

Candidate, Sales Director Role


It is uncommon to receive such a detailed explanation of the selection process. It is very much appreciated.

With such professionalism, I will certainly keep your company in mind in the future when I need to recruit staff after I have secured a new role in Australia.

Senior Candidate, Sales Director Role

Can I say that I appreciate you even taking the time to respond to me. I truly understand and appreciate your position. Can I say that in my professional career, from both sides of the fence, I never have, and I say never had the courtesy extended to me that I have received from you and your company, even whilst on the “other side of the fence” working with recruiters on Senior appointments my business required.

I hope you are right in that my well-rounded senior executive experience will assist in me finding a suitable role soon, at which point I can promise you when I need to employ people, you will be my first port of call.

You are to be commended with your hands-on personal approach, and I have no doubt this is testament to why you and your business have been successful.

Candidate, CFO role

The reason for my email is to thank you for the letter I received yesterday outlining the background and process you went through in selecting a candidate for your client. I refer to the Sales Director technical industry.

I have worked for my current company for 20 years and only recently have looked for a new career. I must say my experience in the recruitment industry is less than impressive. My conclusion, I must admit, has been that it’s really a very rude industry that likes to take but gives very little. Your letter yesterday was a breadth of fresh air. Congratulations on making the effort; I, along with other inspiring candidates, appreciate the openness and honesty.

Candidate, Sales Director Technical Industry

Thank you very much for the update. Although I would be delighted if I was offered the position, having seen the brief, I totally understand your client’s situation as I firmly believe company fit is a critical part of a role such as this one.

I look forward to hearing from you either way on Thursday and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the detail and thoroughness your company takes. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you.

Candidate, Operations Manager, Glass Manufacturer

May I say in conclusion, as a candidate for this role, how impressed I have been by your attentiveness in communicating with me the progress of the search and your deliberations with your client. It is not common to find this ‘candidate care,’ and refreshing to find a consultant who keeps the applicants in the picture. I appreciate your so doing.

Senior Candidate, COO Role

That is without doubt a most professional and respectful response to a job application.

I thank you for taking the time to explain the outcome. I can clearly see you are a cut above the rest when it comes to recruitment companies.

Candidate, Sales Director technical industry

Clients (Recruitment)

Knowing that the partners handle the assignment personally is also a critical factor in my decision.

Executive Team Member, Leading Manufacturing Organisation

I have used various recruitment consultants/headhunters over a period of around 18 years. A few noticeable points were that many relied heavily upon advertising and/or databases of suitable candidates. While both of these have their place, they are neither exhaustive or particularly innovative, i.e. easily replicated by other firms or by the client himself.

What disappointed me most, were the inadequate/ trivial or “recruitment by numbers” approach of many of the individual recruiters I had dealt with. What I learnt was that the recruitment firm being used is far less important than the recruiter being used.

I was recruited via David Reddin over 7 years ago. I distinctly remember the rigorous, probing and thoroughly professional interview I undertook from David Reddin. I was fortunate enough to obtain the position and learn from the process.

In my first few years I did not use the services of David, with a start-up company I wrongly considered his services to be too expensive, consequently I made some poor recruitment choices and came to the realisation that I had been “penny wise, pound foolish”.

So for well over 5 years I had used David on a number of executive recruitment missions, staff mentoring, and outplacement and I’ve been completely satisfied with the process and the outcomes. Further, David Reddin has been commissioned by our global office to conduct executive recruitment for key overseas GM level positions, with outstanding success.

David Reddin takes the time and effort to fully understand the business, environment, key drivers and personalities within the business. He helps not only to recruit, but to ensure the company maintains the HR focus needed to staff a growing company in the highly competitive “talent war” in the mining sector.

David Reddin has played a key role in the ability of this company to achieve sustained and outstanding growth over the last few years, by ensuring that only “top talent” is recruited, and that each new person fits the existing team and adds maximum value.

Most companies state that “our people are our key asset”, however most don’t live this credo. Once this statement is taken seriously then the real effect of synergy and team work begins to have a positive bottom line effect, David Reddin place a key role in making the credo a reality.

Managing Director Australasia, Mining Company

Reddin Group’s ability to search overseas markets and identify top talent resulted in the appointment of a world recognised leader in this field to our CEO role.

Board Member, Semi Government Organisation

You have personally delivered the candidates that have made such a difference to our company; in fact, 4 of my Australian-based reports were placed by David Reddin. David Reddin brings value from my perspective.

Global GM, Building Products Australian Company

A strong understanding of our business and satisfaction with the quality of candidates for the role we have recruited through Reddin Group will ensure repeat business. We like the professionalism and responsiveness of Reddin Group and their constant attention to keeping us informed of progress throughout assignments.

CEO, Semi Government Organisation

Able to identify and then attract the type of candidates who will determine the success of our organisation.

Senior Executive, Leading Resources Company

The competition is inferior in price, pitch, outcome and service.

HR Director, Leading FMCG Manufacturer

No consultant-speak, no half truths, no passing off database search or mere networking as true search.  A desire to ask questions and establish facts rather than running on assumptions.  This is pretty unique amongst the consultants out there.

Senior Manager, Mining And Resources

Polished and professional Service that represents our interests well and projects a good impression of us on potential executive appointees.

CEO, Regional Health Services Organisation

David has previously known our HR Director, who recommended him to me. David provided professional service at a reasonable price and has done a good job for us in the past on these matters. David and his team provide a polished and professional service that represents our interests well and projects a good impression of us on potential executive appointees.

Client, Chief Executive, Health Care Group Victoria Regionally based

David Reddin had a good understanding of our business and the specific roles that we were recruiting. They provided extremely good value in the markets that we were recruiting from. David’s strong understanding of our business and our satisfaction with the quality of candidates for roles that we have recruited will ensure repeat business. We like the professionalism and responsiveness of David Reddin and his constant attention to keeping us informed of his progress on our assignments.

General Manager, Human Resources and Corporate Services, Produce Company

Ability to demonstrate the beneficial cost differential between Tier 1 and good Tier 2 search suppliers like David. Ability to work according to our corporate recruiting guidelines (psych testing, medicals, site visits for remote sites). Ability to think outside the square – not automatically trying to poach people from another mining/minerals group.

HR Manager, Major Banking Client, Singapore

The continuation of our business relationship has been based not only on Reddin Group’s ability to search, identify and present high calibre candidates but also on maintaining an enjoyable, frank and courteous business relationship. David’s interview techniques and ability flowing to the subsequent candidate notes are insightful and frankly outstanding. His ability to shortlist and portray strengths and weaknesses in candidates gives an accurate profile and ensures that what you see is what you get. A difficult task when job seekers are trying to impress.

Global General Manager, Building Products Company